Consensual Sexual Activity

Content Warning: This post discusses sexual assault and abuse. Please do not read or stop reading if these topics are triggering for you. 


Giving consent means that both parties are of legal age, choose to agree to sexual contact or behaviour and have the freedom and capacity to make that choice.  Giving consent does not mean that you can’t change your mind at any stage.  There should be no fear, no force, no coercion or intimidation when giving your consent.

If you are unconscious, asleep, intoxicated, drugged, or unable to say ‘yes’ for any other reason – then this is not consent.  Just because you don’t remember being assaulted doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen. Memory loss can result from the ingestion of “date rape drugs”, other drugs and from excessive alcohol consumption.

If sexual assault has occurred, please contact SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Centre).  They provide medical, counselling and forensic support.

For sexual assault or abuse within the previous 2 weeks, call the 24hr Emergency line on 6458 1828.

For sexual assault or abuse more than 2 weeks ago, call during office hours on 6458 1820.

For more information about their services, follow the link at:


Alternatively, in an emergency situation, go to the nearest hospital emergency department or see your GP.

Police Sexual Assault Squad – 9428 1600 or after-hours, call 131 444

Fremantle Women’s Health Centre welcomes women* that have experienced sexual assault or abuse, either by appointment with one of our female Doctors or as a walk in to see the Nurse.  Our team will provide a safe and confidential space and with your consent, will act on your behalf to contact the relevant agencies.




* This term is intended to be inclusive of trans, femme-identifying, non-binary, and intersex individuals

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