The Yoga Space Yoga classes at the Centre

We are so happy to be able to partner with The Yoga Space to provide affordable yoga classes here at our non-profit women’s Centre.  These are 8-week Hatha Vinyasa style classes being run by Yoga Space teacher trainees in our group room.  All ages are welcome and no previous yoga experience is required.  To register your interest in a class, you must contact the instructor of the class directly, so always refer to the flyers for details as the instructor, day and time will change for each class.  There is a new class starting this Saturday 1st September.

We will be keeping our website and Facebook page updated about future Yoga Space classes at our Centre, so please keep an eye out.

The Yoga Space was founded by Senior Yoga Teacher and Authorised Ashtanga Yoga teachers Dr. Jean Byrne and Clinical Psychologist Robert Schutze in 2005.  The school has now grown to have studios in West Perth, Maylands, and Carine.  The Yoga Space founders believe yoga is for everybody and through the not-for-profit aspect of their yoga teacher training program, they help women in our community overcome barriers to access.  To find out more about The Yoga Space, please follow this link to their website:


Author: Jessie Marcotte

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