Where To Get Medical Help?

General Practitioners (GPs) versus Fremantle Women’s Health Centre Doctors

A GP is usually the first point of call for anyone looking for general medical assistance. It’s a good idea to find a GP you can trust and maintain an ongoing relationship with them. By going to the same GP on an ongoing basis, they can build insight into your medical background and history and may be able to help you make more appropriate treatment decisions. Before visiting a GP, it can be helpful to write a list of questions you would like answered and notes about the symptoms or experiences you are concerned about.
Most GPs take bookings, so we recommend you call the clinic or centre beforehand to see if you need to make an appointment. Different GPs will have different fee schemes. Check with the receptionist when you make an appointment so you understand what the consultation fee will be. If a GP “bulk-bills”, this means that they only charge the Medicare rebate rate and you will not pay any additional fees. You should take your Medicare card to your appointment, whether your doctor bulk-bills or not if you want to claim the rebate.

At Fremantle Women’s Health Centre, our doctors specialise in women’s health issues. Our doctors provide treatment, screening, advice, and information on issues and concerns such as breast examinations, contraception, sexual health, menstrual problems, cervical screening, pregnancy, menopause, antenatal and postnatal care, unplanned pregnancy, and medical termination. Doctors’ appointments are available¬†Monday to Friday.

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