A State plan to address gender inequality – Add your voice

The State Government is developing a plan to address gender inequality in Western Australia.

While significant advances have been made to remove barriers to women’s full economic and social participation, there is still a long way to go to bring about lasting solutions.

This plan will provide a framework for coordinated action by government, businesses, organisations and individuals with practical steps to advance gender equality.

The plan will focus on four priority areas:

  • health and wellbeing
  • safety and justice
  • economic independence
  • leadership.

We strongly encourage our clients, friends, and partners to add their voices to the development of this plan and contribute to a brighter future where all girls and women can reach their full potential, and enjoy health and wellbeing.

Read more about how you can be a part of this here

Consultation sessions will be held and more information will be made available here

Email to register your interest to receive the toolkit or for more information

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