Unplanned Pregnancy Management

The Abortion Legislation Reform Bill was implemented on 27th March 2024.  A person requesting an abortion may now self-refer to a private abortion provider without needing to consult a GP or obtain a referral.

Being referred for a pregnancy termination can be a complex process to navigate, and we are here to help you through this. FWHC offers a confidential, comprehensive and supportive service.

FWHC offers medical abortions up to nine weeks (63 days). Medical abortions require three appointments at our centre.

All calls regarding an unplanned pregnancy will be triaged by one of our Nurses.  They will provide comprehensive advice, help, information and support on the termination process.  You will then be offered an appointment with the Doctor.

First appointment: Consultation with one of our female Doctors.  They will discuss what to expect with either a surgical or medical abortion process.  If proceeding with a medical abortion, you will be given request forms for  an ultrasound scan and blood tests.  Timing of these tests will be explained during the consultation.

Second appointment: Return to see the Doctor, to discuss the results of scan and blood tests and to receive a prescription for the medical abortion medication.  Full instructions will be provided at this time.

Third appointment: Follow up appointment with the Doctor 2-3 weeks following medical abortion.  You will have another blood test prior to this appointment.  The visit will be to ensure that the abortion process is complete and to check you are not experiencing any complications such as ongoing bleeding, pain, fever or vaginal discharge.  Contraception can also be discussed.

For more information on the current Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023, click here. 

Medical Assistance for Abortions

Fremantle Women’s Health Centre: 9431 0500

Nanyara Medical Group:  9277 6070

Marie Stopes:  1800 003 707

SHQ:  9227 6177

WAWH: 6331 1113

Counselling Assistance for Pregnancy Terminations

Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) provides free counselling for unplanned pregnancies, which includes pre- and post-abortion counselling.


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