Unplanned Pregnancy Management

In Western Australia, abortion is legal up until 20 weeks gestation, when performed by a medical practitioner.

FWHC offers medical abortions up until eight weeks. We also offer referrals for surgical terminations.

Our nurses can provide comprehensive advice, help, information and support. Clients are encouraged to talk to a nurse to discuss.

Being referred for a pregnancy termination can be a complex process to navigate, and we are here to help you through this. FWHC offers a confidential, comprehensive and supportive service, providing medical abortions for women up until eight weeks, and referrals for surgical abortions.

Medical Assistance for Pregnancy Terminations

Fremantle Women’s Health Centre: 9431 0500

Nanyara Medical Group:  9277 6070

Marie Stopes:  1800 003 707

SHQ:  9227 6177

WAWH: 6331 1113

Marie Stopes provides medical terminations up to nine weeks and surgical terminations up to 19 weeks and six days. The Nanyara Medical Group also provides medical terminations up to nine weeks and surgical terminations up to 13 weeks.

Counselling Assistance for Pregnancy Terminations

Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) provides referrals and free counselling for unplanned pregnancies, which includes pre- and post-termination counselling.



Fremantle Women's Health Centre is seeking your support to help end period poverty in our region through donations of funds and/packs of sanitary pads.

Packets of pads can be dropped of at our centre between our opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Packets must be enclosed and not expired.

Donations of funds can be organised over the phone or in person.

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